Facade production for the Mary Elizabeths Hospital in Copenhagen

We are successfully proceeding with the facade production for the Mary Elizabeths Hospital in Copenhagen. The units are impressive, with an average size of 11 m2 (5x2.2m), and the largest reaching even 19.6 m2 (5.6x3.5m).

The total façade area is around 26 000 m2 and has strict technical, thermal, hygiene and material compatibility requirements. Our team of experts in glazed structures has a wide range of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing such large-scale glazed facades. Logistics coordination is also a critical aspect of these types of projects, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of the materials on site.

The pictures also showcase the close-up of the selected colour for the aluminium cladding and the custom-made lamellas which come in 4 different sizes to create an intended pattern of playfulness.

In this project, we are working in a close partnership with LM Byg A/S. The combination of their professional approach and accurate coordination of tasks are essential components in ensuring the success of this complex project. 

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