• Insulated glass units and structural glazing units for complex architectural solutions

Insulated glass units

Provides thermal insulation and solar protection

Provides sound-insulating options

Insulated glass units with U-profiles and offset glass are suitable for structural glazing

 Insulated glass unit consist of two or more glass panels which are separated by spacers of various widths.


Technical Information

It is also possible to produce both double (one-chamber) and triple (two-chamber) insulated glass units. They can consist of any type of glass — ordinary (annealed float), laminated, tempered, tempered and laminated, fire-resistant, as well as decorative and self-cleaning glass.

Insulated glass units can be filled with argon or krypton gas. Whereas for spacers it is possible to choose between aluminium and Chromatech or Swisspacer (warm edge)  spacers.

Maximum insulated glass unit thickness is up to 100 mm.

For projects we also offer heated and shaped insulated glass units.


Structural Glazing

We offer insulated glass units for facade systems with U-profile and stepped glass. Insulated glass units are made using tempered glass and UV-resistant silicone. When choosing the structural glazing solution, the mounting points are hidden and cannot be seen from the outside.


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