• Thermally processed glass with high durability level

Tempered glass

High thermal stability

Five times more durable than annealed float glass

When breaking it falls apart into small pieces

Tempered glass is thermally processed and cooled rapidly making it five times more durable than annealed float glass. When breaking it falls apart into small pieces, which is practically not dangerous for human safety and health.


Technical Information

It is possible to temper colourless and enameled   glass, as well as glass with selective and sun-protection coatings. It is also possible to drill holes and cut the glass in accordance with the drawings.

Tempered glass can no longer be mechanically processed since all the cutting, grinding and drilling is only performed before glass tempering. From a visual standpoint, tempered glass may have some small irregularities which are formed during the tempering process, which therefore may result in skewed reflection.

Heat-Soak Test (HST) can be performed for tempered glass in order to reduce the possibility of spontaneous glass breakage.


Enameled Tempered Glass

Tempered glass can be painted using various techniques. The technique used in painting the glass depends on the size of the glass and the required effect. We offer glass painting according to the RAL system, using silk-print and digital-print techniques.


Potential Uses

Tempered glass can be used in both insulated glass units and as monolithic glass. It is most commonly used in various barriers, stair and balcony hand railings, structural glazing and for other applications where safety and protective glass is needed.


Heat-strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened glass stands out among all tempered glass thanks to the fact that its tempering process is faster and it is 2.5 times more durable than annealed float glass. This type of glass breaks into larger pieces and it is most often used in roof and canopy glazing.


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